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How to prepare a trailer with a "tip out" for transport.

When dealing with older park models, there are unique steps required to prepare them for transport. Unlike their modern counterparts, older trailers do not have a simple switch to extend and retract the extended room. Some older trailers have manual tip outs & some have manual slides that have to be manipulated by hand.

Tip outs, are trailer mounted extensions that are attached to the trailer with a hinge that runs the length of the tip out. The process of packing this type of extension up involves actually tipping the extension into the trailer and securing the open void above the tip out to protect the interior from the weather.

A manual Slide, is a trailer mounted extension that can be extended or retracted manually by hand. To retract or push the slide in, it has to be lifted slightly and slid into the trailer as the name suggests. Once inside the trailer in the retracted position, it has to be secured to prevent it from sliding out while in transit.

In this post we will look at preparing an older trailer with manual "TIp outs" for transport.

Here is an example of a trailer with a manual "tip out".

Here is an example of a trailer with a manual tip out.


Step 1

Clear furniture in the path of the tip out or position the furniture in a clear space within the tip out seating area.

Step 2.

Ensure that any securing screws or externally added seals are removed.

Step 3

Position a farm jack or utilize 2 to 3 people to lift the end of the tip out.

Step 4

Ensure that you lift only to the mid point where the tip out is neither falling in or falling back down, or have someone inside the trailer ready to hold and lower the tip out to the floor.

It is important that the tip out does not slam down to the floor. Allowing it to do so would risk damage to the tip outs windows, and wall structures.

Step 5

Have one strong person inside the trailer lower the tip out to the floor as gently as possible

Now that the tip out is laying on the floor. The trailer can be transported.

Tip outs are attached by hinges and are considered secure for transport once laying on the floor.

Step 6

Inclement weather can be a problem. A tarp can be used to keep the inside of the trailer protected from the weather. be sure to keep the tarp tight to prevent it from rippling in the wind and eventually tearing.


Stay tuned for more tutorial blogs on RV Transport, maintenance and general tips.

If you have any questions, send us an email at or give us a call or text at 647-573-8781

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